• How it all started

    It all started 6 years ago when we adopted Eleanor, she was terrified of the world. We were told she would probably never change and because of this everything required a ton of bribes, treat bags were emptying faster than we could buy. The thought crossed my mind to bake my own treats, but at this time I was working full time and going to school. 

     Fast forward 4 years. We have a wonderful, happy dog that still is a little weird about things, but is “normal”. Next thing we know she’s vomiting every meal, not taking treats, NOTHING! Eleanor LOVES food. Thinking it was a food allergy we started an expensive prescription diet with EXPENSIVE treats to match. Only to find out, after lots of vet bills, that she ate a fancy rubber hand sanitizer holder. Once again, between our other business and my full time job, baking our own treats wasn’t in the cards. 

     A few months later we began fostering dogs, a long time goal. Here again, treat bags were emptying as fast as I could bring them in. And just like anyone who fosters, you have to foster fail once right? Delilah came into our life at 3 months old. The polar opposite of Eleanor, we thought surely we would have at least one “normal” dog, a little crazy puppy but healthy as could be. After a month she started having health issues, we found out she has a sensitive stomach and have to watch what she eats. 

     It was at this point my ideas of starting my own business were becoming more and more realistic. With my husband’s company supporting us both comfortably, it was time for me to leave my job. It wasn’t easy for me to leave since that’s all I’ve known for the past 6 years of my life. 

     This is where my dreams became real. I finally had time to come up with dog treat recipes, a name, logo, making this reality. When thinking of a name it didn’t take much to think of one because everything I do is for our dogs. This business is for our dogs and I do with all my love and effort behind it, so how could I not name it after them? That’s how the name E & L Bakery was made. 

     With this being so real, I hope to give other people what I was always looking for when buying dog treats. Something that’s local, has thought behind it, something made with love, and for a reasonable price. Why does something healthy have to cost so much?! 

    I hope these treats bring as much joy and happiness to your dogs as it does to me to make them!

     I appreciate the time it took to read this very long story about us, and I hope it shows where the thought and my heart are when making these treats.

  • Wholesale

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